NDK2012 Sherlock Meet Up pt 2!!!!! I was so happy with how it went and that we had such a great group of cosplayers. Everyone was so spot on. Moriarty was soooooo terrifying and Kitty and Molly were devine. Setra played Femcroft and Rob, our brony on our podcast was the tallest Sherlock ever. I, Cal, was John and it was great to have rob as Sherlock because we could get close without feeling awkward, but not close like that perverts. I don’t know if anyone cares but I’m not gay… sorta.



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    That’s my Jim. *Smiles proudly*
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    ASDFGHJLKJHDSLFKJDSHF Hi. Moriarty here. Aaaaaaaaaaah I’m actually terrifying? Thank you! :D
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